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Two Prestigious Awards from Asian Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE) 2018 Presented to IAMWorldwide Corporation.

Two Prestigious Awards from Asian Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE) 2018 Presented to IAMWorldwide Corporation.

LEAD. Take charge. Be an example to follow. What can be a better platform for leading than IAMWorldwide being given two of the most prestigious awards from Asian Networkers Convention and Expo (ANCE) 2018 – the People’s Choice Best New Company of the Year and the Most Inspiring Story of the Year.

ANCE is the largest Networking event in the world whose focus is to maintain the high level of quality and advancement of distributors through education and seminar. Now on its 5th year, ANCE’s theme is “Time to Lead.” A timely call for the direct selling and MLM industry to unite and finally find their voice and the audacity in leading the way to professionalize and tidy-up the not so good reputation of the industry in the past years.


Founder and President of IAMWorldwide, Allen Marvin Yu Eder and Co-founder & Vice President, Aika Lorraine Uy, has always been passionate about its mission in professionalizing and promoting a culture of NEAT-WORKING among its distributors. The past year is just the beginning of seeing the results of the combined years of expertise of the leadership team and how they are effectively implementing the proven systems and practices of the company. One of which is to rid the industry of “kamada” or “playing games” through the one account policy and bring back the true essence of Network Marketing. IAMWorldwide endeavors to bring pure organic results and be the first company producing billionaires in the Philippines.

Mentor Jonathan Capili shared insights on why IAMWorldwide was chosen as the best new company of the year by highlighting the company’s amazing results in a span of just a year and 8 months.

The GALA Dinner and Awards night was attended by the who’s who of the Direct Selling and MLM industry. It was a night of honoring those who have been pillars of the industry and recognizing the achievements of both the new and the not so new players of network marketing in Asia. Precious Grace Capili, Top 1 Mover of IAMWorldwide received the ANCE People’s Choice Best New Company of the Year together with top achievers of the company. Her speech shook the audience to the core as she enumerated the unparalleled achievements of the company.

For a year and a half, the company’s achievements were exceptional. Producing more than 31 millionaires, 266 travel incentive qualifiers – all expenses paid in 9 countries, 100 car achievers, 2 of which are super cars (Audi R8) to name a few. The game changer in the MLM industry with the goal of making an impact and CREATING HIStory, truly IAMWorldwide is not here to compete but to dominate – all for His glory!

The ANCE People’s Choice Best New Company of the Year was awarded by ANCE CEO, Mr. Shahin Pilli and received by the current Top 1 Mover of IAMWorldwide, Mentor Precious Grace Capili along with fellow Mentors Jonathan Capili, Mirasol Capili, Shirley Mae Sibulan, Catherine Policarpio, Marlon Santos and Sam Palomo.

The Most Inspiring Story is awarded to Mentor Catherine Policarpio, who touched the hearts of those who have long been wanting to achieve big dreams for their families and finally being able to do so one by one through this industry. The second day of the convention was a great opportunity to learn best practices and draw inspiration from the individual awardees and representatives of awarded companies. Attended by 42 other direct selling and MLM companies, it was a fruitful day of networking and learning in a fun and more relaxed setting. In 2017, IAMWorldwide received two awards, the ANCE People’s Choice Rising Star Company and the Most Inspiring Story of the Year, awarded to Mentor Marlon Santos. This year, ANCE granted this prestigious award to Mentor Catherine Policarpio, making IAMWorldwide the consistent recipient of the Most Inspiring Story Award for two consecutive years. This is another testimony of how serious the company is in fulfilling its mission to upgrade the quality of life of individuals through financial independence and personal greatness.

Winners of the individual awards category got a chance to share their story and best practices on the second day of the event. Mentor Catherine Policarpio, winner of ANCE Most Inspiring Story of the Year, stirred hearts especially among fellow single moms as they drew inspiration from her amazing success story.

ANCE’s CEO, Shahin Pilli expressed his gratitude to IAMWorldwide and its owners for their continuous support and for believing in the mission of ANCE to eliminate the prejudice and unite the Network Marketing industry. Mr. Pilli has this to say to IAMWorldwide for being 2018’s Best New Company of the Year: “We’ve seen you grow as a regular start-up company. And the last 17 months, your growth has been phenomenal. We at ANCE would like to recognize people who are making a difference in society. I wish you to strive harder as there are still many more years to go and I wish you all the best in the future.”

There is no better sight to see than having people from the same industry coming together for a great purpose – to LEAD. With the company’s mission and vision now unfolding, IAMWorldwide will continue to LEAD in bringing real change in the lives of people and move them into a better quality of life by providing best-in market business opportunities and world-class quality products.

To quote Mr. Pilli, “The world cannot become a better place without financial freedom and the only way is through Network Marketing.” Having that solution and living up to the call to LEAD in this industry, is the very core of IAMWORLDWIDE.

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